Definition of mommy track in English:

mommy track


North American
  • An interrupted or delayed career path followed by women as the result of bringing up a family.

    • ‘Similarly, there's no question that there's an academic mommy track and that it has derailed many a promising career.’
    • ‘The woman who defined the mommy track was a powerful professional; those that attacked her were less professional than she but more ideological.’
    • ‘Clearly, the percentages don't work out and this does not even account for the number of women who choose a mommy track to raise their families.’
    • ‘There is a daddy track analogous to the so-called mommy track, says the author of Stay at Home Dads.’
    • ‘Since the late '80s and the debut of ‘the mommy track,’ we have been subjected to these stories about mothers seeing the light and chucking it all for junior.’
    • ‘That's not discrimination, or women paying a mommy tax for their mommy tracks, as feminists claim; it's simply a choice.’
    • ‘Blaming the lack of family-friendly policies hardly resolves the dilemma: In European countries such as Sweden, family-friendly policies often keep women on the mommy track.’
    • ‘In fact, racism and sexism may make us even more hesitant to trade the fast track for the mommy track, even temporarily.’


  • mommy tracking

    • informal

      • ‘Although the number of women in academia continues to rise, much of the increase has occurred in non-tenure-track positions and at nondoctoral institutions, partly because of ‘mommy tracking.’’