Definition of momma in English:



North American
  • another term for mama
    • ‘I have written the last few chapters on my momma's computer.’
    • ‘She followed Helena everywhere, but always kept glancing back to check on her momma, as though she were the worried parent.’
    • ‘But I feel compelled to be a bit more polite about it, because… my momma raised me that way.’
    • ‘His momma knows him as Haywood but you know him as Dwayne from what may have been the best show in the 70s.’
    • ‘‘I guess I'd ought to get home, my momma will be surely looking for me,’ she said softly.’
    • ‘Andrew lit up, and threw his arms around his momma.’
    • ‘When I look at him, I can see all your momma's drive and ambition.’
    • ‘I'm a girl, so my momma didn't fill me in on how this is done.’
    • ‘Field reporters interviewed soldiers who would smile broadly at the camera and sheepishly adjust their helmets as they asked if they could say ‘Hi’ to their mommas.’
    • ‘I want to say to my babies that your momma loves you so much, and your daddy, this whole family loves you so much.’
    • ‘They told me it had to be tame and I thought, well, these are definitely not things my momma would want to hear, so I guess I can't pass it off as tame.’
    • ‘I want to thank my momma for never teaching me selflessness, and I really wanna thank my college coach for never benching me for missing class.’
    • ‘Terri hoped she'd find her momma there but she didn't.’
    • ‘You can certainly tell Sammy got her looks from her momma.’
    • ‘Your momma never told you, there'd be days like this.’
    • ‘When my momma got paid on a Friday she'd leave and I watched her walk across the yard.’
    • ‘Twelve was the year my daddy died and my momma got sick.’
    • ‘If the party won't even stand up for our mommas, who'll stand up for the party?’
    • ‘You always know what to expect from an Elvis movie, and this one settles comfortably into its well established formula like a baby kangaroo in its momma's pouch.’
    • ‘Their momma is in control of that, and she hasn't allowed me to see them in years.’