Definition of Mollweide projection in English:

Mollweide projection


  • A projection of a map of the world on to an ellipse, with lines of latitude represented by straight lines (spaced more closely towards the poles) and meridians represented by equally spaced elliptical curves. This projection distorts shape but preserves relative area.

    • ‘In fact the projection is the Mollweide projection in which all meridians but the central on are elliptical arcs.’
    • ‘The Mollweide projection compresses the extreme latitudes vertically and stretches them horizontally.’
    • ‘The Mollweide projection, also known as the elliptical projection, sacrifices accurate angles and shapes in favor of accurate area representations.’
    • ‘The Mollweide projection was one of the first (if not the first) pseudocylindrical projection created.’
    • ‘This projection is a fusion of the Sinusoidal projection between the latitudes of 44.7 degrees North and South, and the Mollweide projection between these parallels and the poles.’


Early 20th century: named after Karl B. Mollweide (died 1825), German mathematician and astronomer.


Mollweide projection