Definition of molester in English:



  • 1A person who sexually assaults or abuses someone, especially a woman or child.

    ‘a serial child molester’
    • ‘The absurd argument holds that, at some point, molesters should be allowed to rest easy, no longer worried about a potential prosecution.’
    • ‘I was another person—I was her molester.’
    • ‘A childhood memory of being seduced by a molester intrudes upon an adult who is anything but reflective.’
    • ‘He's another "normal guy" who's also a molester.’
    • ‘What if I told you that she might be dating a molester?’
    • ‘This brave new weapon in the battle against pedophiles could also deter kidnappers and molesters.’
    • ‘The more prominent have been the recipients of hate mail of a kind normally reserved for child molesters.’
    • ‘A number of experts have explicitly said that most molesters of boys are in fact men who are heterosexual in their adult relationships.’
    • ‘It took more than 20 years of life experience for me to comprehend the horrible predicament my molester had created for me.’
    • ‘While playing hockey in the street, he is abducted by two molesters claiming to be cops.’
  • 2dated A person who pesters or harasses someone in an aggressive or persistent manner.

    ‘enthusiastic molesters of private property’
    • ‘It seems that they were the earliest and greatest molesters of the Welsh.’
    • ‘Indeed, it seems naturally to have been the Danes, the great invaders, molesters, and wasters of this city.’
    • ‘I gave your molesters at the show the slightest possible sentence on your own account.’
    • ‘The force's zero-tolerance policy toward garden-ornament molesters has left them with a sticky problem.’
    • ‘In these Apocryphal accounts, they appear as the molesters, assailants, and destroyers of men.’