Definition of moleskins in English:


plural noun

  • Trousers made of a thick, strong cotton fabric with a shaved pile surface, as worn by agricultural workers, gold prospectors, and others from the early 19th century onwards.

    ‘they wear the standard uniform of bush hat, check shirt, and scrubby moleskins’
    • ‘He has his hand on the shoulder of the older gentleman in the thigh-hugging moleskins.’
    • ‘They show up in blue shirts, wool ties, moleskins and muted sports jackets.’
    • ‘I cannot leave the store without purchasing two pairs of heavyweight moleskins.’
    • ‘He therefore exchanges his spangled 'European drag' for the moleskins and elastic-sided boots of a jackeroo.’
    • ‘They sell a wide range of trousers, especially moleskins.’
    • ‘The puppy is irritatingly fond of gnawing at the bottom of my moleskins.’
    • ‘He can't help but show off the buttons on the fly of his moleskins.’
    • ‘He's the one with the bush hat, check shirt, scrubby moleskins and a perpetual cigarette pasted to his lips.’
    • ‘Finally he just wiped his slightly sweating palms down his moleskins.’
    • ‘He stood with hands sunk deep in his moleskin pockets.’