Definition of mole plough in English:

mole plough


  • A plough in which a pointed iron shoe attached to an upright support is drawn along beneath the surface, making a hollow drainage channel resembling a mole's burrow.

    • ‘Today, where possible, all pipes are laid either using a mole plough or a thrust mole, both of which dramatically reduce ground surface disruption.’
    • ‘Subsoilers or mole ploughs in modern use on the farm can cause new damage to those monuments which lay undisturbed for centuries below previous plough depths.’
    • ‘As the mole plough progresses, cable is fed down through the blade, and is introduced into the ground.’
    • ‘The new main will be laid at a depth to avoid damage by the mole plough.’
    • ‘With the bigger mole plough we lay 100m pipe for effluent or irrigation.’