Definition of mole cricket in English:

mole cricket


  • A large burrowing nocturnal cricket-like insect with broad forelegs, the female of which lays her eggs in an underground nest and guards the young. Very rare in Britain, it can be a pest in some other areas.

    • ‘Earwigs are amazing, under-appreciated insects that can devouring mole crickets and eat up to fifty chinch bugs a night!’
    • ‘The loam of the junkyard was rich and fertile, streaming with healthy earthworms, mole crickets, and warty toads camouflaged against the ground.’
    • ‘The prairie mole cricket, Gryllotalpa major, is the largest North American cricket.’
    • ‘Other animals and plants such as the mole cricket and marsh gentian, which are suited to wetter heaths, may suffer as their habitat dries out in the summer.’
    • ‘We've had weed pressure and insects especially mole crickets on the course all summer that got washed in with the silt and infested areas covered by the flooding.’