Definition of Moldavian in English:



  • 1A native or inhabitant of Moldavia.

    • ‘He won gold after the final in which he defeated his Moldovian opponent in a clear 4-0 win after a doctor ban for the Moldavian in the first minute of the fight.’
    • ‘He notices that the Moldavian is held back - penalized with time in the guardhouse for sleeping in the repair shop.’
    • ‘After a recount, word goes around that the little Moldavian, known to be a real spy, is missing.’
    • ‘We are being given no more choice about fighting violent expansionists than were the Franks and Spaniards of the 8th century or the Hungarians and Moldavians of the 16th.’
    • ‘Its cuisine betrays historical connections with Byzantine cookery, Greece, and Turkey (which effectively ruled the Moldavians for 300 years), besides the two immediate neighbours.’
    • ‘The Moldavians got back in their boat and the race began with Germany in the lead.’
    • ‘Twenty-eight suspects were arrested in the joint operation, among them Moldavians, Romanians, Armenians, Poles, Russians and Czechs.’
    • ‘While 98% of the population are Eastern Orthodox believers, some Moldavians are Protestant and Jewish.’
  • 2mass noun The Romanian language as spoken and written (in the Cyrillic alphabet) in Moldavia.

    • ‘The Soviet authorities changed the name of the Romanian language, spoken by the majority of the population, to Moldavian.’


  • Relating to Moldavia, its inhabitants, or their language.

    • ‘The official language of Moldova is Romanian (with a Moldavian dialect), and the second language is Russian.’
    • ‘Two Moldavian policemen were killed when they tried to stop delivery of a consignment to ethnic Gagauz militants, according to local press accounts.’
    • ‘The Soviet Union never recognized the action and created an autonomous Moldavian republic on the east side of the Dniester River in 1924.’
    • ‘The group began the revival of the Romanian language and culture, and wanted to again unite the Moldavian Republic with Romania.’
    • ‘A first attempt at trying him in the Moldavian town was abandoned because of riots.’
    • ‘In the late nineteenth century, the Moldavian poet Mihai Eminescu celebrated the country's history and culture.’
    • ‘The Council had expressed its concern about the media situation in Moldova, requesting Moldavian authorities to ensure that press rights were respected.’
    • ‘In the introduction, Cooper reveals that at the beginning of the war Paddy was living with ‘the first great love of his life’ on a rambling Moldavian estate.’
    • ‘A gold medal in the tournament also went to another Bulgarian of Moldavian origin, who in the final in the 85 kg category, had an easy win.’
    • ‘In 1833 the Philharmonic Society began its activities in Bucharest, and three years later a Philharmonic School was founded in Iai, the Moldavian capital.’
    • ‘The three union republics of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, as well as the Moldavian union republic, dated from the 1940s and still had memories of old, pre-Soviet times.’