Definition of moko in English:



  • 1A traditional Maori tattoo, typically one on the face.

    • ‘Other topics for the group include the correct pronunciation of Maori vowels and the distinction between moko and other tattoos.’
    • ‘The group demanded that the engineers take off their Maori costumes and fake mokos and ‘show some respect’.’
    • ‘I am startled by your wild eyed face darkened with the moko.’
    • ‘There is incense and soft music, a relaxed ambience in contrast to Iti, who carries a ceremonial adze, his full facial moko topped with a Mohawk.’
    • ‘A lot of the chiefs drew the symbol of their mokos to sign, since obviously they couldn't write.’
    1. 1.1mass noun A pattern of moko tattoos.
      ‘a tall woman with moko on her chin’
      • ‘Male facial tattooing, called ta moko, was done in stages in a male's life through adulthood.’
      • ‘A major proportion of Maori live in urban areas, but our people are increasingly looking to their roots through a range of mediums such as sports or ta moko.’
      • ‘I was looking for some info on the Maori style of tattooing, moko, and happened across this interesting article, Megalithic New Zealand.’