Definition of modular in English:



  • 1Employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction.

    ‘modular housing units’
    • ‘To create your own custom run of cabinets, simply combine two or more modular cabinets in the appropriate sizes.’
    • ‘The vehicle is of modular construction which allows it to be fully air transportable on an A400M aircraft.’
    • ‘At its sprawling embassy compound, reopened after thirteen years, modular housing units are being installed to accommodate its growing staff.’
    • ‘On this note, it might have been beneficial to include a few of the artist's recent modular, design-oriented constructions of wood and paint.’
    • ‘The modular accommodation offered was designed to meet urgent needs, not to alleviate all the problems.’
    • ‘And modular construction, by being built in a factory with assembly-line workers, really helps partly solve the shortage of skilled labor.’
    • ‘Because of their modular construction these are easily replaced, enabling quick refurbishment and turn round.’
    • ‘As another example, consider the design requirements of modular playground equipment.’
    • ‘The machine is based on a series of modular units so that it can be set up to meet production requirements - and reconfigured to handle part changes.’
    • ‘It is one of those new modular units where you only plug in the power cables you need to use.’
    • ‘Despite the potential savings, modular construction remains on the periphery of mainstream housing.’
    • ‘In the picture you can see one section of a modular design.’
    • ‘A series of modular pieces tends to create a more relaxed style, where function and form combine informally.’
    • ‘The International Space Station requires far more specialized modular construction than any previous spacecraft.’
    • ‘After researching all aspects of the prefabricated housing business, they decided to focus on modular designs.’
    • ‘The helicopter is of modular design and aluminium and composites construction.’
    • ‘We have a triple-wide modular unit that we are going to build up on and put a deck on.’
    • ‘Some assembly required: is modular construction an answer to the affordable housing problem?’
    • ‘Equipped with low level perch seats to discourage beggars and stray animals from cuddling down, the shelters employ modular construction for fast assembling.’
    • ‘In the course of doing this, it has transformed itself into one of Britain's leading experts on designing, costing, project managing and financing modular construction.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to an educational course designed as a series of independent units of study that can be combined in a number of ways.
      ‘moves to make all Britain's vocational qualifications modular’
      ‘modular courses coupled with practical experience’
      • ‘Seminaries offer evening classes, weekend modular courses and occasional meetings in smaller cohorts in church basements.’
      • ‘The courses are designed to be modular and scalable, so that teaching assistants and adjuncts can be slotted into courses as required.’
      • ‘The courses have become more modular, with more emphasis on coursework and continuous assessment, and less on exams at the end of two years.’
      • ‘We know the course will be modular, what the modules are and how long each is.’
      • ‘The department had sought suggestions from the teacher-training colleges for a modular course to enable the estimated 280 primary teachers without qualifications to qualify properly.’
      • ‘And this occurred just after we had returned to teaching separate science GCSEs, after spending a considerable number of years teaching a modular combined science course.’
      • ‘Students have found this reference invaluable in pharmaceutical practice and for courses in herbal drugs, nutritional supplement therapies and the ten modular courses in our curriculum.’
      • ‘The trend towards course work and modular exams certainly helps girls.’
      • ‘These tend to be offered as an option on modular courses and generally provide an academic introduction rather than specific clinical skills.’
      • ‘The nature of the modular course means students only go on to the second year if they think they have a good chance of succeeding.’
      • ‘Instead of one big final exam, the teenagers are being tested from the moment they start their sixth form career with modular exams at the end of each term.’
      • ‘He told the conference that a pupil taking nine GCSEs, in their modular form, could take 85 exams between the ages of 14 and 19.’
      • ‘Each of the 11 modular courses is presented from an integrated perspective by a multi-disciplinary team of course leaders.’
      • ‘The college has an open learning environment helped by the modular structure of its courses.’
      • ‘I found it really hard to get my head round modular exams, suddenly you don't go to period 3, you have an exam, then you go right on the period 4!’
      • ‘The Army's shift to modular units drives its training strategy to include a joint context in key training events so Army formations can rapidly contribute to the joint team.’
      • ‘We also kickstart corporate self-learners, providing high-quality, hands-on, modular courses.’
  • 2Mathematics
    Relating to a modulus.

    • ‘These problems form the basis of a conjecture: every elliptic curve defined over the rational field is a factor of the Jacobian of a modular function field.’
    • ‘Gauss in 1801 was to take Euler's work much further and gives a considerable amount of work on modular arithmetic which amounts to a fair amount of theory of abelian groups.’
    • ‘Complex multiplication and modular forms had been treated in the 19th century by Kronecker and Heinrich Weber, who discovered their link with class field theory.’
    • ‘Elliptic curves and modular forms are mathematically so different that mathematicians initially couldn't believe that the two are related.’
    • ‘The next logical step would be to investigate the tables corresponding to various operations in modular arithmetic.’
    • ‘One of the main reasons for including an introduction to modular arithmetic is that the two most popular public key algorithms use modular exponentiation as their basic mathematical process.’


Late 18th century: from modern Latin modularis, from Latin modulus (see modulus).