Definition of modelling in English:


(US modeling)


mass noun
  • 1The work of a fashion model.

    ‘have you ever thought of a career in modelling?’
    as modifier ‘a modelling agency’
    • ‘And he has also been working for a series of modelling agencies around the UK.’
    • ‘What do you reckon, do you think we should give our modelling career one last shot?’
    • ‘He continues his modelling career between acting jobs and is based with a Manchester agency.’
    • ‘The modelling and casting agency and the events departments have been initiated as a part of Phase 1.’
    • ‘But the 18 year old, who took to the catwalk for the fashion week, has already learned that modelling is not all about glamour.’
    • ‘So there's no modeling career down the road when you're done playing?’
    • ‘In fact, all through my modelling career my age stayed around 21.’
    • ‘I'm sure this has absolutely nothing to do with New York and LA being the epicenters of acting and modelling.’
    • ‘So, her modelling career has been pretty much like her singing career, then.’
    • ‘After nine years of modeling, the silver screen beckoned and a star was born.’
    • ‘‘Although I sometimes feel very tired, fashion modelling is still a very attractive job,’ she said.’
    • ‘The institute's Delhi branch will be managed by seasoned professionals from the fields of acting, modelling and choreography.’
    • ‘I'd been doing some modeling and some acting in England, yes.’
    • ‘Women certainly seem to take centre stage when it comes to the world of fashion and modelling, and the few men in the profession appear to be a class apart.’
    • ‘Fashion modelling has existed for more than four centuries.’
    • ‘It's just not a profession for me… modelling has showcased what life is all about.’
    • ‘She was signed by a top London modelling agency at the age of 15.’
  • 2The activity of making three-dimensional models.

    ‘lessons included life drawing and clay modelling’
    • ‘They constructed threedimensional representations of flowers in the block area using carpet squares and in the art center using modeling clay.’
    • ‘Some students have been making wacky farmyard animals out of modelling clay, which will be out on display.’
    • ‘Pewter embossing combines the antique art metal techniques known as chasing and repousse - the hand modeling or embossing of thin sheets of metal for decorative effect.’
    • ‘There is a modeling clay that is nearly all silver once it is baked in your oven.’
    • ‘As well as sketching, oil and water colour painting, clay modelling is also available.’
    • ‘Plopped down about the meadow, and rimming it, are towering blobs of rock that resemble huge piles of modeling clay.’
    • ‘It began to import an English clay that allowed for much finer modeling of details.’
    • ‘From clay and modeling tools to kilns and how-to-books.’
    • ‘I might even get some modelling clay and have a go at that too.’
    • ‘In terms of both modelling and the decoration applied to his surface - a cross-eyed butterfly caught in the gaze of a greedy frog - he is a tour-de-force.’
    • ‘Zack and I spent last evening making modelling clay figures at the kitchen table.’
    • ‘There were also storytellers, a dance teacher and a clay modelling expert to add spice to the children's activities.’
    • ‘Sometimes he also depends entirely on his modeling of the plaster to create the form - as in the upper part of the piece I allude to as the melting tombstone.’
    • ‘Their works - be it be painting, clay modelling or videography - are great.’
    • ‘Another boy worked with his grandma on a fish smoking shed, creating endless numbers of kippers out of modelling clay.’
    manufacture, manufacturing, mass production, building, construction, assembly, production, producing, creation, creating, putting together, fabrication, invention, forming, formation, moulding, forging, composition
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  • 3often with adjective or noun modifier The devising or use of abstract or mathematical models.

    ‘macroeconomic modelling and policy analysis’
    • ‘The last three decades have seen major advances in description and modelling of the development of post-fire tree populations.’
    • ‘In other words, classes in mathematical modeling can help change the academic culture of biology and ecology departments.’
    • ‘Where even this approach is unsatisfactory, the full complexity of three-dimensional modelling must be faced.’
    • ‘Notice that modeling and simulation are necessarily close-tied together.’
    • ‘Morphological modeling or geometric modeling plays a key role in determining local three-dimensional flow feature.’
    • ‘As well as the one that we have discussed, human movement raises many problems that can be tackled by mathematical modelling.’
    • ‘Updating of its contents is most timely in view of the recent interest in mathematical modelling of oil field development techniques.’
    • ‘Reliability modelling is a common statistical and engineering technique used to ascertain the reliability and safety of alternative structures of systems.’
    • ‘In painting, drawing, three-dimensional modelling and computer graphics, no other architect comes close.’
    • ‘Logistic regression modeling was used to estimate the odds of needle-stick injuries and near misses associated with various factors.’
    • ‘The essence of mathematical modelling is simplification.’
    • ‘The ‘problem formulating technique’ is central to theory and practice of mathematical modeling.’
    • ‘To architects who typically work in 2D to design buildings with square corners and vertical walls, such modeling may seem overly complicated.’
    • ‘Experts say the results are an important step toward building quantum devices that could be used for quantum modeling and cryptography.’
    • ‘Mathematical modelling has been used to tackle this problem for many years, and a core approach is well established.’
    • ‘Kinetic modeling showed that arrests are due to the formation of multiple bonds.’
    • ‘The comprehensive coverage of economic modelling, and productivity and efficiency analyses as well as workforce themes, is treated briefly in the following part.’
    • ‘Again, mathematical modeling has shown that disease progression may be caused by viral evolution.’
    • ‘Complex modeling, simulation, and engineering tasks are often broken into pieces and assigned to multiple systems.’
    • ‘Geodynamics applies physical theory to dynamic geological phenomena, and is usually characterized by mathematical or numerical modelling and quantitative prediction.’