Definition of mobster in English:



  • A member of an organized group of violent criminals; a gangster.

    • ‘It's also one of the primary reasons the moviegoing public is fascinated with mobsters and movies about mobsters.’
    • ‘Players are Chicago era mobsters trying to make off with briefcases full of stolen loot.’
    • ‘This is not, however, a story of organised crime (in spite of the cover picture of mobsters with machine guns).’
    • ‘This had no effect at all on those violent mobsters, who continued merrily to have fun at the expense of innocent citizens.’
    • ‘Dealing with a mobster was like dealing with a terrorist, he had told himself.’
    • ‘Nowadays it has mobsters and corrupt cops and grandsons of evil geniuses who tried to freeze the world.’
    • ‘When they witness one of their colleagues being murdered by a local mobster, however, everything changes.’
    • ‘In some way, you had to know he was a gangster, a killer, a mobster.’
    • ‘Posing as mobsters, Customs agents bought the automatic rifles from the workers and later arrested the suspects.’
    • ‘It was full of guys who thought they were thugs, mobsters and junkies.’
    • ‘The mobsters also ripped off two federally supervised funds that subsidize rural phone companies through another billing scam, they said.’
    • ‘Not everyone who commits a crime while wearing a suit is a mobster.’
    • ‘And it has hauled a group of Mafia mobsters into the dock to testify.’
    • ‘The 1970 law, which was originally created to prosecute mobsters, makes normal business a crime if it is part of an illegal conspiracy.’
    • ‘Thieves rob the Mafia, killing three mobsters and two cops in the process.’
    • ‘Up is down and black is white in this world of mobsters and molls.’
    • ‘It's not the series' finest episode, but it's arguably the funniest, as the mobsters slowly lose touch with reality and civilization.’
    • ‘There wasn't a big difference between cops and mobsters, they did the same thing except one was always perceived as a hero and the other a monster.’
    • ‘Once darkness falls, the army cedes huge areas of the shanty towns to local gangs and mobsters.’
    • ‘The same day of disaster and terror saw the gangland executions of seven mobsters in 1929.’
    hoodlum, racketeer, bandit, robber, ruffian, thug, tough, desperado, outlaw, villain, lawbreaker, criminal
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