Definition of mobbed up in English:

mobbed up


  • Engaged in or connected with organized crime.

    ‘he denied that his family was in any way mobbed up’
    ‘a mobbed-up Wall Street insider’
    • ‘"If we're so mobbed up," he asks, "why has she not received a dead fish on her doorstep?"’
    • ‘Then again, if these guys are mobbed up, how were they stymied by a woman running a nonprofit agency?’
    • ‘So I just have to assume he is mobbed up or something.’
    • ‘The East coast white dudes who all pretended like they were mobbed up anyway didn't like the kid.’
    • ‘Another guy who's in business with the guy who's about to sentenced worked for the allegedly mobbed up Jersey construction company and later got indicted for a mob-run stock scam.’
    • ‘No dead girls in back seats for him or angry mistresses or mobbed up brothers.’
    • ‘You mean, they're still mobbed up?’
    • ‘During the photo shoot for this story, he turned to the photographer and complained that everyone believes he's mobbed up because so many family members live in Cherry Hill.’
    • ‘Of course, if there were a shred of truth to the charge that he is mobbed up with the drug cartels, they would contact the Drug Enforcement Administration or at the very least hold Hill hearings.’


1960s: from mob (sense 2 of the noun).