Definition of moana in English:



mass nounNZ
  • A body of open water, in particular the sea.

    ‘I've been proud to be involved in defending our moana from industrial overfishing and pirate vessels’
    • ‘The colonising heritage took from our people their land, their moana, with overt violence in the 19th century.’
    • ‘With the title taken from a song many learn as children, "One day a taniwha went swimming in the moana," there are no prizes for guessing who the prime audience for this show.’
    • ‘I'm asking Cook Islanders, friends and ocean lovers to sign the petition and make your voice heard for the future of our moana.’
    • ‘The moana connects whanau across the Pacific and for thousands of years one tradition has laid the foundation for the cultures and lives on the islands: Ocean Voyaging.’
    • ‘It is unacceptable for these companies to leave their rubbish floating in our moana.’
    • ‘We deplore the actions of industrialised countries that pollute and desecrate our Oceania, our Moana.’
    • ‘He believed that the company would inevitably destroy the moana.’
    • ‘We did not know how to find him, out here on the vast moana, so far from his homeland.’
    • ‘The aim was to "protect moana using all available methods".’
    • ‘When he visits my moana this summer, we will still drive down the beach and enjoy it as every other New Zealander would.’