Definition of MND in English:



mass noun
  • ‘a new laboratory focusing its research on finding new ways to treat MND and other neurodegenerative diseases’
    • ‘Professor Stephen Hawking is exceptional; he has survived with MND for more than 35 years.’
    • ‘Charles, who lived with his wife Sarah and two of his children, discovered he had MND in August 2000.’
    • ‘Motor neurone disease (MND), or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a progressive, usually fatal neuromuscular disease.’
    • ‘It funds vital research into causes, treatments and a cure for MND.’
    • ‘The cause of MND isn't known.’
    • ‘In these cases MND started quite early, in the [patient's] 20s or 30s.’
    • ‘There is no single test for MND.’
    • ‘People with MND can still think and feel, but their muscles refuse to work.’
    • ‘At least three people a day die from MND in the UK.’