Definition of MMO in English:



  • An online video game which can be played by a very large number of people simultaneously.

    ‘a well-made fantasy MMO’
    as modifier ‘an MMO gamer’
    • ‘His mission has been to create an addictive MMO (or two) that has the pick-up-put-down rhythm of a casual game.’
    • ‘The free-to-play MMO isn't expected for another year at the earliest.’
    • ‘This game is shaping up to be an MMO like no other.’
    • ‘MMO raiding has grown into a science.’
    • ‘The result is a game that feels like an established MMO straight out the box, complete with achievements, guilds, auction houses, and battlegrounds.’
    • ‘Designing an MMO world where players can explore vertically is definitely a challenge.’
    • ‘If you're an MMO nut looking for a mouse to take your gaming skills to the next level, this is ideal.’
    • ‘I like that we're not so forced into certain roles as we are in some other MMOs, but I can't see where the gameplay itself is all that innovative.’
    • ‘I'm not sure MMOs are inherently more addictive.’
    • ‘This is the latest addition, and like all expansion packs—especially ones for long-running MMOs—the content is geared towards more experienced players.’
    • ‘If you ask me, this is still the best superhero MMO available today.’
    • ‘Combining a simple user interface with action-packed gameplay, this game is sure to be a blast no matter what kind of MMO player you are!’
    • ‘Combat action in an MMO is so different to combat in a first-person shooter.’
    • ‘It's definitely getting a lot of buzz, and it seems like an altogether well-made fantasy MMO.’
    • ‘For those who enjoy MMOs, there's a fairly limited selection of types to explore.’
    • ‘We think that the only way to compete in the MMO market is by taking risks.’
    • ‘Since the game is both free and available on your browser, the only reason you might want to avoid it is that it can be just as addictive as the best of other MMO games.’
    • ‘I've tried MMOs before, and been thoroughly bored by the monotony that appears prevalent.’


Early 21st century: short for massively multiplayer online (game); see also MMOG.