Definition of mixmaster in English:



  • 1trademark A type of electric food processor.

    • ‘Streamlining was egalitarian, adding modern beauty to useful designs - from lamps to Mixmasters - priced for everyone.’
    • ‘My parents assumed they were due a bigger fridge with freezer, four burner stove and three-rack oven, dishwasher, toaster, mixmaster etc.’
  • 2informal A sound-recording engineer or disc jockey who is an accomplished mixer of music.

    • ‘Listening to the seamless blend of this new album, it's easy to assume the mixmaster is indulging in a lifelong musical obsession.’
    • ‘After successfully contributing remixes to several collections, he puts together his own compilation featuring fellow mixmasters and band favourites.’
    • ‘He earned critical praise from the mixmaster as well as a few handy words of advice.’
    • ‘The mixmaster in the spotlight this time is an obvious fan of old-school funk, hip-hop, electro and reggae.’
    • ‘Not, as you might think, an organisation that cares for old, decrepit deejays, but a charity set up by mixmasters to donate money to a Music Therapy Trust.’
    • ‘I've been playing mixmaster for the last ten minutes - and have come to the conclusion that the future of the rap record industry is quite safe.’
    • ‘The Montreal native is a mixmaster who has been pleasing the crowds internationally with his solid skills and knack for picking the perfect blend of music.’
    • ‘This dedicated mixmaster made the transition from bedroom DJ to live performer during his mid teens.’
    • ‘At its best, his guitar mixmaster is pretty fascinating.’