Definition of mixing desk in English:

mixing desk


  • A console where sound signals are mixed during recording or broadcasting.

    • ‘This makes it suitable for audio applications, including audio amplifiers and preamplifiers, home entertainment system, mixing desks and audio recording equipment.’
    • ‘Nicest touch was seeing a a group of children allowed into the mixing desk area - clearly they were someone's family - so they'd be able to see the band.’
    • ‘The levels are blown out across the board - each time the guitar twangs all the red buttons must light up on his mixing desk - but the song is perfect.’
    • ‘Engineers hate anyone leaning over their shoulder and ‘fiddling’ with their mixing desk.’
    • ‘It is, consequently, impossible to tell the origin of any particular sound - to tell which sound comes from a guitar, which from a mixing desk, which from an amplifier, or which from cables.’
    • ‘He wears in-ear monitors (the mixing desk is 14 feet away).’
    • ‘Cafeteria furnishings, bar fittings, disco lights, sound equipment, including mixing desks as well as 16 pull-down video screens and 184 music videos dating back to 1987 will also be sold.’
    • ‘Early interpretations were crudely manufactured at pressing plants, with a mixing desk used to rework the original live during the process of dubbing copies from a master disc.’
    • ‘Five learn how to use mixing desks and computers to produce music and the other five are learning how to play guitars and drums.’
    • ‘The grants have been spent on refurbishing the former off-license, which is being turned into a TV studio with four cameras, computer equipment, vision and sound mixing desks and lights.’
    • ‘It was her, four keyboards (3 organs and a grand) and a mixing desk.’
    • ‘However, at their last concert, the mixing desk was glowing red hot and the speakers were pumping, so luckily they do not follow a format.’
    • ‘Perhaps if the mixing desk was situated at the back of the auditorium like it is in most venues instead of on the right hand side of the stage, the engineer would have a better idea of what was going wrong.’
    • ‘In the absence of computers, microchips and modern mixing desks, it was necessary to put together graphic imagery for television presentation that could be used again and again without irritating the viewer.’
    • ‘The point is that, though my pal Eamonn has always been a keen music lover, the last thing he wants to do after spending a day slaving over a hot mixing desk is listen to music.’
    • ‘Its bass parts trimmed with a variety of subtle mixing desk effects, the higher tones left free to float with a pure and clear natural sound.’
    • ‘He had his own mixing desk in his room and he'd done a few parties and a couple of local gigs.’
    • ‘The mixing desk controlling the main PA system crashes after three songs.’
    • ‘He began to outline his religious and political theories on vinyl, moving from behind the mixing desk to become, effectively, a performance poet with musical backing.’
    • ‘Also, the microphone has gone wireless, with radio transmission being the major form of getting the sound from the microphone to the mixing desk.’


mixing desk