Definition of mixed farming in English:

mixed farming


mass noun
  • A system of farming which involves the growing of crops as well as the raising of livestock.

    • ‘The inhabitants practised mixed farming, raising cattle and pigs and cultivating wheat and barley.’
    • ‘In mixed farming systems, bananas are used as a shade plant for cocoa, coffee, black pepper and nutmeg, and in many countries the plant itself is used as an ornamental.’
    • ‘Initially he planted crops, but then he changed to mixed farming and finally to dairying.’
    • ‘Estates with relatively more grazing were more efficient than estates with relatively more arable or mixed farming.’
    • ‘New England settlers practiced mixed farming and had greater ties to the market, and tended to play a very important role in local towns.’
    • ‘Pembrokeshire's mild climate, mixed farming practices and long growing season mean that there is a wide variety of local produce on sale.’
    • ‘And it made mixed farming possible in a country impossible to fence.’
    • ‘Its mixed farming and consumer audience ensures that producers and consumers have a better understanding of each others needs.’
    • ‘A narrow coastal plain of low relief and clay soils, historically the area of densest rural settlement and mixed farming production, extends between the Russian and Swedish borders.’
    • ‘The traditional farming style has been one of mixed farming and dry stock with a strong emphasis on preservation of the natural rural environment and prevention of pollution.’
    • ‘With no suitable animals to domesticate, apart from the llama and the guinea pig, and no draught animals to pull the plough, the development of more mixed farming was gradual.’
    • ‘For the arable farmer, manure was the crucial problem, and one of the major advantages of the various mixed farming systems which existed was the provision of animal manure.’
    • ‘It comes from small production units of mixed farming systems where traditional practices are handed down the generations.’
    • ‘A similar attitude was reflected in the advice often given by town business leaders and boards of trade to farmers that they should practise mixed farming instead of wheat monoculture.’
    • ‘Large areas of forestry had been cleared from the Mesolithic onward and mixed farming formed an established agriculture system across the whole of Britain.’
    • ‘The farmers employ horticulture, mixed farming, dairying, tillage and poultry in six counties.’
    • ‘It was not so much the price-support system in itself that was irrational, but the level at which prices were set in a context of mixed farming sizes.’
    • ‘How would vegetarians set about dismantling the mixed farming system?’
    • ‘The wet unimproved land and lower input produced by traditional mixed farming systems in the North York Moors are perfect for waders.’
    • ‘These farmers, who to survive must rely more on subsistence crops and mixed farming than do their more commercial neighbors, involve all family members in a variety of economic strategies.’


mixed farming