Definition of mixed bag in English:

mixed bag

(also mixed bunch)


  • A diverse assortment of things or people.

    ‘we have a mixed bag of destinations and holiday choices for you’
    • ‘It's a big band that makes a big sound, featuring a mixed bunch of kids aged from 18-26.’
    • ‘The vegetables, too, were a mixed bunch: the carrots deliciously earthy; the roast potatoes disappointingly powdery inside and tough outside.’
    • ‘The albums I purchased today are a mixed bunch, but they sum up the wide range of what I enjoy listening to.’
    • ‘It is clear that the longer pieces in the collection are a mixed bag, needing more refinement.’
    • ‘I suppose the ‘problem’ is that the enemies tend to be a mixed bunch with a variety of attack patterns and looks, so recognizing an enemy and its capabilities can be tough.’
    • ‘Does that do anything for you, you know, seeing an ethnically mixed bunch of people standing in front of a big flag?’
    • ‘The violent protesters were a mixed bunch, not solely an organised group identifiable as the Black Block.’
    • ‘However, it was a mixed bag of results for a number of other local wrestlers competing on home soil.’
    • ‘They've been a pretty mixed bunch, ranging across that scale.’
    • ‘The nurses were a mixed bunch too, some wouldn't talk to me, others were fantastic, especially the one who came and held my hand while I cried.’
    • ‘The first two episodes were a mixed bag, with a number of the sketches flatter than chewing gum on the streets of Dublin.’
    • ‘On the night I was there, a Wednesday, the customers were a mixed bunch.’
    • ‘We are a mixed bunch, full of sorted women and financially-challenged men.’
    • ‘The shows were a mixed bag, with several designers not really understanding what a collection is.’
    • ‘They were a mixed bunch, but they were pretty good.’
    • ‘Once again it is a mixed bag for the audience with a combination of the old and new generation actors hogging the limelight.’
    • ‘The pairs enjoyed a mixed bag of results, with three wins and creditable performances in their close losses.’
    • ‘We get a mixed bunch in and it can be really hard work but it is rewarding.’
    • ‘Her question bank has always been a mixed bag of current affairs, sports, cinema and the like.’
    • ‘The other ones are a mixed bunch - both in terms of subject and quality - so I'm offering them up more as holiday snapshots than as examples of good photography.’
    assortment, mixture, variety, array, mix, miscellany, random selection, motley collection, selection, medley, melange, diversity, mishmash, hotchpotch, hodgepodge, ragbag, pot-pourri, jumble, mess, confusion, conglomeration, farrago, patchwork, hash
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mixed bag