Definition of mixed-breed in English:



  • (of an animal) resulting from the crossing of different breeds or types.

    ‘a mixed-breed dog’
    • ‘My six-year-old mixed-breed dog has had difficulty walking lately.’
    • ‘The mixed-breed dog appeared to be in good shape, and it was determined that the dog was being crated while the owner was away from the apartment.’
    • ‘They share their not-so-humble abode with Chanel, her teacup Yorkie, and Barclay, his large mixed-breed woofer.’
    • ‘The mixed-breed cat, Westy, was adopted by a veterinary hospital worker after undergoing three major surgeries.’
    • ‘We can all recall the assault of a young girl not too long ago by two mixed-breed dogs that left her disfigured.’
    • ‘A 13-year-old mixed-breed dog in upstate New York is the first pooch to have contracted the swine flu.’
    • ‘His herd has a very mixed-breed look.’
    • ‘Mixed-breed dogs, once the domain of US animal shelters, are being sought by an increasing number of Americans looking for special pooches.’
    • ‘The family dog, a mixed-breed poodle named Honey, forces her to take breaks from the computer in her home office.’
    • ‘In a chapter about animal ghosts Cornell tells of his dog, a mixed-breed female he named Boozer after it consumed a quantity of beer at a party.’
    • ‘He'd found himself a new companion, an impossibly cute mixed-breed puppy.’
    cross-bred, half-breed, hybrid
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