Definition of mixed-ability in English:



  • (of a class or school) having students of different levels of educational or physical ability.

    ‘nearly three-quarters of lessons took place in mixed-ability classes’
    • ‘Students should be organised in mixed-ability groups to support each other.’
    • ‘There are no significant differences between setting and mixed-ability teaching in overall attainment outcomes.’
    • ‘Literacy lessons were more varied than usual with greater use of paired and mixed-ability group work.’
    • ‘Ideally, in mixed-ability teaching, the pupils should be following the same theme to different depths.’
    • ‘Most RE lessons are taught to mixed-ability classes.’
    • ‘There are those who say that clever kids should be schooled in mixed-ability classes.’
    • ‘The concept of the mixed-ability school was established in Britain.’
    • ‘In some schools, as many as 83 percent of children opposed mixed-ability classes.’
    • ‘They concluded that average-ability pupils benefited most from mixed-ability teaching.’
    • ‘In some states, whole-class mixed-ability teaching is promoted to the extent that ability or interest grouping is actually prohibited.’