Definition of mix something up in English:

mix something up

phrasal verb

  • 1Spoil the order or arrangement of a collection of things.

    ‘disconnect all the cables, mix them up then try to reconnect them’
    • ‘We just like to mix things up a lot - we try to stay away from homogeneity.’
    • ‘Conceptually, a simple random sample can be drawn by putting the identity numbers of the 10 million actual voters in a box. you stir, shake and mix the numbers up and then you select 20, 832 of them at random.’
    • ‘Ok, now that we know some songs that go G, D, E minor, C, in that order, try mixing the order up!’
    • ‘On the far wall, CDs teetered in jumbled piles, films, books and magazines were mixed up together in boxes and on shelves and clothes sat in haphazard heaps.’
    • ‘In your workout articles, am I supposed to do the exercises in the exact order as listed, or can I mix them up?’
    • ‘Every item received in this laboratory has its own unique identifier, so no two items can be mixed up.’
    • ‘Do the 5 programs in the suggested order, or mix it up and decide which one you want to do each day.’
    • ‘A dyslexic mistake had meant that the reps. and weights had been mixed up, so I lifted four times the weight I should have.’
  • 2mix someone/something upConfuse someone or something with another person or thing.

    ‘I'd got her mixed up with her sister’
    • ‘‘I don't know why he always mixes us up,’ I said to my mom helplessly.’
    • ‘In all the confusion we may have mixed the babies up getting them to the nursery and we would be grateful if you could join us there to try and help identify them.’
    • ‘But mixing him up with a drunken old left-wing hippie, now that is a worthwhile story.’
    • ‘The stone axe blade is so similar to that found in Neolithic Europe, if New Guinea and European axes were mixed up in a museum collection it would probably take petrological analysis to distinguish them.’
    • ‘The words have not been mixed up, but the meaning has.’
    • ‘After one full day on the job, I had yet to master the fine art of taking down all their orders and not mixing them up.’
    • ‘And such beliefs were mixed up with a lot of practical, and even sometimes subversive, information, that did help people navigate obstacles around them.’
    • ‘The scanner identifies 266 different features in the iris so no two people can be mixed up.’
    • ‘I think someone has mixed us up with the east coast or something.’
    • ‘‘You must have mixed me up with someone else,’ I said, wrinkling my nose.’
    confuse, get confused, muddle, muddle up, get muddled up, get jumbled up, scramble, mistake
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