Definition of mitten crab in English:

mitten crab

(also Chinese mitten crab)


  • An olive-green Asian crab with hairy pincers that has been introduced into Europe, where it lives in fresh water and estuaries and can become a pest.

    Eriocheir sinensis, family Grapsidae

    • ‘The mitten crab was first recorded in the River Aller near Weser in Germany, but has since spread throughout northern Europe as well as North America.’
    • ‘For the many children participating it was a good opportunity to get close to mitten crabs, shrimp, fresh water mussels and even eels, as well as to a lot of deliciously slithery mud!’
    • ‘In Asia the mitten crab is considered a delicacy.’
    • ‘According to this report, Chinese mitten crabs are recent marine invaders believed to have arrived via the ballast water of vessels from the Far East.’
    • ‘As we wandered around the first section of the aquarium, peering into tanks and adoring the cuddly-looking mitten crab, we discovered a tank that seemed to have nothing in it.’