Definition of Mitteleuropa in English:



mass noun
  • Central Europe regarded as a political or cultural entity.

    • ‘Austria, the current holder of the EU presidency, is another small country whose big past gives it a broader perspective, particularly in its approach to the Balkans and Mitteleuropa.’
    • ‘Nothing like a little Hawaiian to brighten up the dull days of January in Mitteleuropa, eh?’
    • ‘Sick-minded cynics wonder if there are any other interesting Blair autographs blowing around in the winds of Mitteleuropa.’
    • ‘May is a good time to visit Mitteleuropa - the weather will be pleasant, but the crowds not unbearable yet.’
    • ‘Both expressed the view that German hegemony should extend throughout what came to be referred to in pan-German circles as Mitteleuropa.’
    • ‘This will become apparent over time as the ghosts of Mitteleuropa begin to re-emerge.’
    • ‘Let us first explore the voluntary, non-legislative avenue of starting work a bit earlier and, of course, finishing earlier, rather than starting to pretend that Britain is located in Mitteleuropa.’
    • ‘Mitteleuropa is a discourse; it is not just a semantic term or a label to refer to a geopolitical region in which power and culture are interwined.’
    • ‘It was not that the programme for Mitteleuropa was to replace Weltpolitik.’
    • ‘Long popular with Germans, it is where Mitteleuropa goes for its breath of sea air.’
    • ‘I've always wanted to visit Mitteleuropa,’
    • ‘Despite the wishes of many Central Europeans and America's apparent ignorance of history to the contrary, Mitteleuropa is again present.’


Early 20th century: German.