Definition of Mithraeum in English:



  • A sanctuary or temple of the god Mithras.

    • ‘The Mithraea were spread all over the Roman empire and some 50 of these caves still exist in Rome today.’
    • ‘The widespread popularity of the cult is evident from the records of Mithraea which have been identified all over the empire, and which are still coming to light.’
    • ‘In the Aventine Mithraeum the followers of the god were shown in procession offering their gifts.’
    • ‘Three Mithraea have been excavated, at London, Carrawburgh, and Housesteads (Northumberland).’
    • ‘In most of the Mithraea there was a portico which led into a second sacristy, where the ritual dresses were probably kept.’


Late Latin, from Latin Mithras (see Mithras).