Definition of mithan in English:



  • another term for gayal
    • ‘Our data also indicate a close relation of the wild gaur and the domestic gayal or mithan (Bos or Bibos frontalis) and do not support alternative hypotheses on the origin of the gayal.’
    • ‘As we live in Yangon, no mithan arrived, fortunately, as an invitation.’
    • ‘It sounds too fast to be another mithan, and too big to be squirrel or a monkey.’
    • ‘Discusses distribution, it's place in the bovine world, six selected mithan-keeping peoples, and describes the mithan in the economy, social and religious life.’
    • ‘The skulls of the mithan are hung in front of the house in the Nam Thaing Village.’


Mid 19th century: from Khasi (a Mon-Khmer language of NE India).