Definition of mistrustful in English:



  • Lacking in trust; suspicious.

    ‘he wondered if he had been unduly mistrustful of her’
    • ‘Its corrosive effects are also seeping into our personal lives, as all surveys reveal that we are becoming increasingly mistrustful of one another.’
    • ‘But we were always mistrustful of becoming too closely linked to Princeton or any other academic entity.’
    • ‘Feeling uncomfortable about technologies that promise to make us more attractive seems a little silly, but I am mistrustful of the version of the good life that seems to be proposed by plastic surgery.’
    • ‘With another two years before the next election they have to start the campaign now to win the confidence of a mistrustful electorate.’
    • ‘Twelve had undergone lasting personality change, leaving them hostile and mistrustful, socially withdrawn and plagued by feelings of emptiness and hopelessness.’
    • ‘I think all my life I have been very mistrustful of power.’
    • ‘Both societies were mistrustful of uncontained wanderers, though the colonies had few institutions in which to incarcerate the vagrant poor.’
    • ‘They are wary, mistrustful of institutions that have disappointed us all.’
    • ‘Here again, Washington's reaction has been distant, cautious and mistrustful.’
    • ‘A good example of when to use this is during discussions with someone who is very mistrustful and tends to be suspicious that the other person is trying to cheat or deceive him.’
    • ‘Gray notes that she may also feel worried, confused, exhausted, hopeless, passive, demanding, withholding, mistrustful, and/or disapproving.’
    • ‘Administrators and public health academics are wary and mistrustful of physicians in the field.’
    • ‘The pledges - as a result of insults, fatigue and fear - become mistrustful.’
    • ‘When I called parents, they were often mistrustful and tended to question or even disbelieve outright what I told them about their children.’
    • ‘Now, months later, a failing war we should not have fought raging, our allies mistrustful of our motives and actions, there is a gap in the way people feel.’
    • ‘Now we have become so dependent on trade (and the U.S. has become so mistrustful of our ability to police ourselves), that we are spending hundreds of millions of new dollars just to keeping the trade flowing.’
    • ‘We're both obscurely addicted to odd sports (cricket, sumo), both had empires, are bellicose, mistrustful of foreigners, and are passionate gardeners.’
    • ‘Nearly 60 years after the defeat at Stalingrad killed 110,000 Germans, the country's citizens remain profoundly mistrustful of militarism.’
    • ‘So, for the next several days, they hang around keeping a mistrustful eye on each other, arguing, and waiting for Louis to call with additional instructions.’
    • ‘I like to believe that broad skepticism is the result of educated and opinionated minds growing mistrustful of the institutions around them; however, I don't think it is necessarily a good thing.’
    suspicious, chary, wary, uncertain, unsure, distrustful, untrusting, doubtful, dubious, uneasy, cautious, hesitant, sceptical, unbelieving
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