Definition of mistranslate in English:



  • Translate (something) incorrectly.

    ‘passages from the Bible were either mistranslated or taken out of context’
    • ‘Perhaps the word ‘above’ was mistranslated, meaning ‘beyond’?’
    • ‘Western journalists who don't know Iraqi history have routinely mistranslated the name of this group.’
    • ‘One of the most commonly mistranslated Hebrew words is chait, which we usually see translated as ‘sin.’’
    • ‘Often, by the time the answer was given, it was clear that the question or the answer, or both, had been mistranslated.’
    • ‘Arabic documents are mistranslated by the few overworked linguists, substantially delaying investigations.’
    • ‘There you'll find about a hundred cartoons, many with strangely poetic mistranslated English text.’
    • ‘A few weeks later, however, at another court hearing, the Justice Department admitted that the key word was mistranslated.’
    • ‘Why take the trouble to bang out good lines - supposing one can - if they'll only be mistranslated for their real target markets, abroad?’
    • ‘And if I have mistranslated, remember that it's all from my memory, mate.’
    • ‘It is commonly mistranslated in judo circles as the ‘taker’ of a technique.’
    • ‘The spirit, Mephistopheles, led Faust into real trouble, of course, by such a dramatic prompt in mistranslating the great first line of the Gospel of St John.’
    • ‘Most of the plot seems to have been lifted from a mistranslated Vietnamese medicine bottle label.’
    • ‘My story led to an excited chairwoman phoning me to offer me proof that the story of the wedding at Cana had been mistranslated for years, and that her belief was that the story involved Jesus transforming water into grape juice.’
    • ‘Farsi speakers have pointed out that he was mistranslated.’
    • ‘The last sentence in particular was originally mistranslated, and the correction was made before this case was considered by the District Judge.’
    • ‘Another thing important to this book is this whole story about how the German edition was mistranslated.’
    • ‘He mistranslates the word for ‘love-sorcery worked with roots’, which he renders as ‘she should not be a scold.’’
    • ‘The novel was published here, a rather mistranslated version.’
    • ‘They mistranslate their philosophy into ‘free love’, and I've finally convinced them that free love in English has a lot of baggage attached to it, that it doesn't have in German.’
    • ‘The fault is mine, it's clear I grossly mistranslated the scrolls.’
    mix up, muddle, jumble, confuse, blur, slur, obscure, distort, twist, twist around, warp, misstate, misquote, misreport, misrepresent, misinterpret, misconstrue
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