Definition of mistitle in English:



[with object]
  • Give the wrong title or name to.

    ‘Mr Hammond mistitles his source’
    • ‘In the revealingly mistitled Fat Girl, director Catherine Breillat once again conveys brilliant understatement in the guise of superficial shock, and effectively divides her audience by virtue of where they look.’
    • ‘In particular, the one picture of unquestioned authenticity, once in Kenneth, Lord Clark's collection and now at the Barber Institute in Birmingham, is mistitled The Trojans on the Libyan Coast instead of The Sicilian Games.’
    • ‘The article, while admirable in terms of content, is, unfortunately, mistitled.’
    • ‘Although a few years old already, this possibly mistitled book is a good read for anyone interested in relationships.’
    • ‘One of the most beautiful melodies in all Sparrow's music - in all Caribbean music, for that matter - raises this composition (which is often mistitled under the name of its heroine, Melda) into our top 50.’
    • ‘I rise to speak to the first reading of the ‘Education Amendment Bill ’, also mistitled the Education (Establishment of Universities) Amendment Bill.’
    • ‘It was a thing called The Game Show King, which was mistitled, for a book that was basically a memoir of living in France.’
    • ‘Finally, Popular Press, 1833-1865 is mistitled: Huntzicker writes only about penny newspapers, weeklies, and a group of special interest periodicals.’
    • ‘Elsewhere Dylan looks to celebrate freedom for the ‘mistreated mateless mother, the mistitled prostitute’, the ‘gentle and the kind’, and for all those who he sees to be on the outside of a harsh and unkind society.’
    • ‘The local columnist seems to have a mistitled blog.’
    • ‘Although this 21-chapter book is an excellent review, it at first look appears to be mistitled, as it only deals with the more common lysosome-, peroxisome-, and mitochondrion - based diseases.’
    • ‘This splendid history of China is unfortunately mistitled.’