Definition of mistime in English:



[with object]
  • Choose a bad or inappropriate moment to do or say (something)

    ‘he lost £800 million by mistimimg his withdrawal from the market’
    • ‘Batsmen need to use their feet cleverly when playing on the slightly slower pitches here so that they are in a position to play the ball without mistiming it.’
    • ‘Speaking of balls hit on the ground, opposing infielders, particularly the shortstop, have a habit of mistiming their dives.’
    • ‘Not mistiming any tackles, rarely wasting the ball and never stopping running, we could have done with four Coles in midfield.’
    • ‘But Klusener had the last word, as Pollock raced round to mid-on to catch Smith after he mistimed a wild swing.’
    • ‘The game nearly took a turn, as Bandara mistimed a full toss from Macmillan and was caught.’
    • ‘For, as one China analyst claims: ‘He hasn't mistimed a single move… largely because he hasn't made one.’’
    • ‘Having spent three weeks looking at the abysmal track record of the majority of fund managers, and the danger of even slightly mistiming your investments, I really do wonder why anyone bothers trying.’
    • ‘This will result in your clashing with him or mistiming your movement which will end up destroying the effectiveness of the technique.’
    • ‘It was largely because the goalie assumed that, because I'd kicked the ball as hard as I could, it must been travelling faster than it actually was, so he mistimed his lunge and the ball rolled slowly in.’
    • ‘This fellow won his first two starts in the classic but mistimed his exit when second last week.’
    • ‘Dudgeon made himself look like a schoolboy as he woefully mistimed a header on the half-way line.’
    • ‘One dancer slings his willowy partner over his back, mistimes the weight shift and staggers like a powerlifter pressing a half-ton barbell.’
    • ‘True greatness cannot be ascribed to a team which mistimes the art of peaking, and fails to win the big one.’
    • ‘A guide is essential, and we took the best - the guide who trains the guides - but he mistimed our trip.’
    • ‘Caine thought that relationships, like movies, should have a beginning, a middle and an end, although he sometimes mistimed the last act.’
    • ‘Then the rider mistimes his re-entry slightly and bike and man blur as they crumple into the ramp.’
    • ‘To a man, big lads who wouldn't look out of place on the door as employees of a security firm were starting to mistime tackles while, as an attacking force, simply nothing was happening for them.’
    • ‘But the soreness in her arms made her mistime the stroke, hitting the thing's upraised sword instead of its neck.’
    • ‘How many times have we seen him waste his pace advantage by mistiming his runs and be flagged offside, even when he was looking along the line?’
    • ‘He mistimed his header, but the ball deflected to Earnshaw, who beat Alan Blayney.’
    ill-timed, badly timed, inopportune, inappropriate, untimely, inconvenient
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Old English mistīmian ‘happen unfortunately’ (see mis-, time).