Definition of misstatement in English:



  • See misstate

    • ‘It's been going on for a couple of cycles now, and it was designed to be - is designed to be both an antidote to the misstatements that the candidates say during the debate, but also it's supposed to be an antidote to spin.’
    • ‘It's true that perjury charges can in some cases amount to ‘gotchas’, prosecutions brought for minor misstatements or possible lapses of memory.’
    • ‘Both men repeated misstatements made in earlier debates, and added a few new ones.’
    • ‘However, because her expertise is clearly not in photography, her commentary includes some significant misstatements and unclarities that require correction.’
    • ‘If these paragraphs are representative, however, the article as a whole should contain, by conservative extrapolation, approximately 94 other serious distortions and misstatements of fact.’