Definition of misspend in English:



[with object]usually as adjective misspent
  • Spend (one's time or money) foolishly, wrongly, or wastefully.

    ‘perhaps I am atoning for my misspent youth’
    • ‘He's said from the beginning that the cost of investigating this scandal will cost more the amount of money that was misspent.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the rush to spend or misspend money on every conceivable defense initiative is threatening to produce many of the usual nonsensical results.’
    • ‘Marijuana, which is now way more expensive than it was in my own mildly misspent youth, was always around.’
    • ‘The reality is that they have misspent the profits from our boom and are too long in power to even see the extent of their extravagant waste.’
    • ‘In June, EU ministers argued that misspent money should be paid back within eight years - hardly an onerous deadline.’
    • ‘But throughout its life there have been accusations that money has been misspent and projects mismanaged.’
    • ‘There is no way that this Government, unlike the previous Government, will allow money to be misspent in any way.’
    • ‘Horn thinks much of the money spent re-jailing parolees is misspent.’
    • ‘And why can't residents have a full and open explanation of the reasons for this financial fiasco, so it is plain to all where the money has been misspent?’
    • ‘When it was exposed that he had misspent taxpayer's money, he promptly resigned.’
    • ‘Much of those funds are misspent, but whose fault is that?’
    • ‘A lot of the money will be misspent unless it's part of a wider programme of events.’
    • ‘I always believed that increased funding would help schools, but now I saw how existing money was sometimes misspent.’
    • ‘If this is in fact the case, then I feel that the $15,000 were funds misspent, and that the student body deserves an apology.’
    • ‘He also writes about the fact that money is being misspent in Iraq, amounting to an outrage for both Americans (whose money is being wasted) and Iraqis (who are being exploited).’
    • ‘Sunday's piece highlighted court-appointed guardians who failed to file required reports on their clients or misspent clients' money.’
    • ‘So you feel you're being punished as a community because perhaps money's been misspent?’
    • ‘The matter is one of extreme urgency at present as time over the last six months has been misspent.’
    • ‘Having misspent my day staring at blogs, I found myself without an appropriate focus for tomorrow's comp class.’
    • ‘‘I believe Canadians have to have confidence that the government is not misspending their money,’ he said and pushed by me on the way to the kitchen of our tidy suburban home.’
    wasted, dissipated, squandered, thrown away, frittered away, prodigal, misused, misapplied, irregular
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