Definition of misspelling in English:



  • An incorrect spelling of a word.

    ‘a list of common misspellings’
    • ‘Some of these mistakes may be typographical errors, resulting in misspellings, incorrect page references, etc.’
    • ‘Several typos and misspellings appeared in her new novel, and she's upset about them.’
    • ‘It also features a spam Misspellings Dictionary with more than 400 examples of the most common misspellings of words used by spammers to bypass filters.’
    • ‘Then there are still the misspellings and unknown words.’
    • ‘It apparently parses sentences, recognizes keywords - even unusual variants of words and misspellings.’
    • ‘I decided today that I need to be more tolerant when reading documents with grammatical errors and misspellings.’
    • ‘Is this why intentional misspellings became popular?’
    • ‘In related news, look for misspellings of the word ‘segue’ to skyrocket.’
    • ‘These include the fact that misspellings and typographical errors in previous legal documents were misleading.’
    • ‘The issue about radiation, together with the multiple misspellings of Russian words, makes it look a bit bogus to us.’
    • ‘Web sites can program their search engines to respond to common misspellings.’
    • ‘Thanks to the editor, you're spared from my weekly misspellings and grammatical errors.’
    • ‘The biography contains several misspellings and occasional factual errors.’
    • ‘After I get every important word or phrase from the text on the page, I add some common misspellings of some of these same words.’
    • ‘Please excuse the typos and misspellings, I sometimes forget to spell-check when I'm outraged.’
    • ‘One of the challenges involved picking out mistakes on a wine list, such as misspellings of obscure vineyards' names or incorrect vintage years.’
    • ‘Introduced in July 1999, the software ignores misspellings, interprets incorrect phraseology or unclear terminology, accepts ambiguity and expects error.’
    • ‘This comes in handy if you want to ensure that potentially offensive words are flagged as misspellings.’
    • ‘Interestingly, simple misspellings or grammatical ‘mistakes’ often appear in the messages.’
    • ‘The lists maintained by the county registrars are riddled with errors, including incorrect data, misspellings, numbers in fields which require names, etc.’