Definition of Mission Control in English:

Mission Control


  • treated as singular or plural The personnel and equipment responsible for directing an expedition into space.

    ‘all communication with Mission Control has been lost’
    as modifier ‘cheers rang out in the mission control centre’
    • ‘You switch on the intercom, and tell the engineers back at Mission Control.’
    • ‘There is a world map projected on the big board in Mission Control, showing the oscillating track of the capsules' orbits.’
    • ‘The astronauts and the people in Mission Control were essentially the last to know.’
    • ‘Thirteen astronauts and 58 Mission Control employees completed the evaluation once a week.’
    • ‘NASA's Mission Control is located about 600 miles away in Houston.’
    • ‘NASA says that it will provide a video stream of events at Mission Control.’
    • ‘Stephanie, an aerospace engineer, works in Mission Control, communicating with crews in orbit.’
    • ‘The Mission Control station will have a secure satellite relay.’
    • ‘Just about everything you need to maintain your system is available via Mission Control.’
    • ‘Mission Control congratulated the commander and her crew on the successful test flight, and welcomed them home.’