Definition of missilery in English:



mass noun
  • 1The study of the use and characteristics of missiles.

    • ‘Suggestions that modern developments in missilery make it unnecessary for us to have bases overseas might be quoted from surviving massive retaliationists, but also from The Liberal Papers.’
    • ‘For this reason, missilery has accepted aerodynamically unstable vehicles which, in case of loss of thrust, flip over and break apart, destroying themselves in the air.’
    • ‘There's a rich history of missilery in New Mexico, a state that has been witness to the ground-breaking liquid-fuel rocket flights of inventor Robert Goddard and the takeoffs of V - 2 rockets from the White Sands Missile Range that boosted American space exploration dreams into reality.’
    • ‘Yet, it was one of Goddard's ‘firsts’ in the now booming significance of rocket propulsion in the fields of military missilery and the scientific exploration of space.’
    • ‘The branch can concentrate more objectively on a balanced career for its officers, knowing that its prime responsibilities lie in one path, that of missilery and radar electronics.’
  • 2Missiles collectively.

    • ‘I've been around missilery for a long time, and in my mind it is the most spectacular piece of missilery that has ever been done.’
    • ‘Israel did not realize, the full scale of the accommodated missilery and should have known and been prepared to deal with it.’
    • ‘The album focuses on the role of top-rank designers in creating missilery and the Baikonur's infrastructure components.’