Definition of misshape in English:



  • A misshapen chocolate or other item of food, sold cheaply.


  • Give a bad or ugly shape or form to; deform:

    ‘our meddling intellect Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things’
    • ‘The reason why we have tons of toxic pesticides on our fruit is to kill insects and bugs that can misshape the crop because we subconsciously want them to be perfect, as if somehow they will taste better.’
    • ‘However, taken to excess, this nutrition could easily turn to fat and accumulate in the new mother's abdomen and hip, misshaping their original slim waistlines.’
    • ‘Even when Wu employs the age-old medium of ink, as in his 1990 Summers Day Feeling, he manages to transform the traditional into the contemporary with the simple mis-stroke of the brush and the misshaping of a tree.’
    • ‘Remove the foil without misshaping and place in a large glass baking dish.’