Definition of misrender in English:



[with object]rare
  • Wrongly represent or interpret.

    ‘phrases that may be controversial are misrendered or omitted’
    • ‘The database misrenders names of some Latin Americans.’
    • ‘He misquotes and misrenders Marshall so badly one doubts if he ever finished reading Marshall's Principles.’
    • ‘He should stop misrendering our hypothesis.’
    • ‘Phrases that may be controversial are misrendered or omitted more frequently than less controversial phrases.’
    • ‘Since the early days of the web right on up to the present, browsers have purposely misrendered badly written HTML so that people could view the pages instead of getting junk or a blank page.’
    misreport, misrepresent, misstate, quote incorrectly, quote out of context, take out of context, distort, twist, slant, bias, put a spin on, pervert, falsify, garble, muddle, mistranslate
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