Definition of misperceive in English:



[with object]
  • Perceive wrongly or incorrectly.

    ‘every now and then one speaker or reader misperceives some word, and a mutation results’
    • ‘It has been misrepresented by those who claim to be its advocates; and it has been misperceived by those who claim to be its opponents.’
    • ‘They trick their participants (and I use that word very intentionally, as half of the ‘effect’ lies in the viewer) into misperceiving natural events.’
    • ‘The second premise is surely plausible: it would be quite unmotivated to assume that humans see the true colors of objects and that all other species misperceive them.’
    • ‘The fear makes them actually misperceive innocent social situations, viewing every glance or conversation with an outsider as absolute proof of abandonment.’
    • ‘In play after play, one or more characters is brought to a realization that he or she has misperceived the nature of reality and the realization is almost always associated with pain, suffering, and death.’
    • ‘In another example, two users misperceived each other's interest.’
    • ‘It's misperceived as a ‘safe drug’ without the side effects of other rave drugs such as LSD, methamphetamines, heroin or PCP.’
    • ‘I suggest that many Americans misperceive the process of gaining citizenship, and think it's actually a lot easier than it proves to be.’
    • ‘It would tell the world that it has perhaps misperceived that the minority community is not welcome.’
    • ‘Many parents misperceive what kids can do at particular developmental stages.’
    • ‘To perceive these cargoes as ‘ballast’ is to misperceive the nature of the coastal trade.’
    • ‘And if she has a mood disorder, is depressed or has some type of personality disorder where she's inclined to misperceive events, we should know that.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the theory fails to consider the possibility of all players misperceiving a situation in the same direction.’
    • ‘I don't consider morons hurling ‘gay’ as an epithet the same as normal people misperceiving someone as being gay when they are not.’
    • ‘Why not instead consider it one's moral duty to sound the alarm about the tiny risks which are misperceived to be large?’
    • ‘At the same time, many of the words we use are like distorting lenses: They make us misperceive and hence misjudge the object we look at.’
    • ‘In this amnesiac state we began to misperceive these symbols and writings.’
    • ‘They also tend to misperceive and underestimate the lethality of their suicidal behaviors.’
    • ‘Commonly, pilgrims misperceive this vision and incorrectly assume that the vision is a piece of land devoid of rocks and stones upon which something may be built.’
    • ‘However, sexual activity may not fulfill their partners' sexual desires if the men misperceive what these desires are.’