Definition of mismeasure in English:



[with object]
  • Measure or estimate incorrectly.

    • ‘Fornell conceived this herculean undertaking - scores are measured quarterly - because he thought that the U.S. economy was being severely mismeasured.’
    • ‘Either the quality of education in the United States is being mismeasured, or education quality is not as important for labor productivity as he makes it out to be.’
    • ‘It's quite funny because sometimes Ed will mismeasure a cupboard or something and Andy will have to take the rap for it.’
    • ‘With a show of irrelevant precision, authorities can systematically and repeatedly mismeasure the obligations that deposit insurance is putting on the taxpayers' bill.’
    • ‘The residual collects productivity effects that are not modeled, as well as those that are mismeasured or modeled incorrectly.’