Definition of mismatch repair in English:

mismatch repair


mass noun
  • A DNA repair system whereby one member of a mismatched pair of bases is converted to the normally matched base.

    • ‘This trend may be explained by variation in mutational tendencies or by biased mismatch repair after gene conversion events.’
    • ‘Six of these studies involved mismatch repair of heteroduplex plasmid DNA in mitotic wild-type strains.’
    • ‘In summary, we suggest that the HSM3 gene is not likely to be involved in regulating DNA mismatch repair under standard growth conditions.’
    • ‘These effects were examined in an otherwise wild-type background and in combination with defects in DNA mismatch repair or specialized DNA polymerases.’
    • ‘A nearest-neighbor bias around the mutated base pair suggests that mismatch repair counteracts alkylation damage.’