Definition of misjudgement in English:


(also misjudgment)


  • See misjudge

    • ‘In the days when pregnancy was the greatest fear and information was scarce it was forgivable that individuals made mistakes and misjudgments, but today that should not be the case and the risks involved are so much greater.’
    • ‘Not a single government minister has resigned or been sacked for the mistakes made, the misjudgments taken, and the false prospectus on which we were taken to war.’
    • ‘Based entirely on anonymous sources, the article chronicles an unrelieved series of misjudgments, errors and failures.’
    • ‘Social services, education and health managers in Norfolk said a series of crucial mistakes and misjudgments had been made.’
    • ‘Incorrect reports are mainly the results of mistakes or misjudgments, and are seldom made on purpose.’