Definition of misidentify in English:



[with object]
  • Identify (something or someone) incorrectly.

    ‘they were the sort of people who walk around misidentifying wild flowers with great authority’
    • ‘Response error refers to a misrecording of information on a detected individual, such as misidentifying one species for another.’
    • ‘False positives are cases where legitimate messages are misidentified as spam.’
    • ‘Plans for a national ID card scheme have been branded ‘farcical’ after suggestions it might misidentify people with brown eyes or men who go bald.’
    • ‘He claimed he had nothing to do with the burglary and that police had misidentified him.’
    • ‘Only 17 percent of the respondents were able to accurately identify at least one type of primary care physician without also misidentifying non-primary care specialists or non-physicians as primary care physicians.’
    • ‘Last week's Off the Record misidentified the writer of a letter to the New York Times sports page.’
    • ‘The only mistake the BBC made, probably to further shield their source, was to misidentify him as an intelligence official, but that in no way led to his death.’
    • ‘And if people consistently misidentify you as a man, woman, female impersonator or some other incorrect label, you sometimes want to remind them who you are.’
    • ‘Because of an editing error, we misidentified the author of an op-ed which appeared in Thursday's paper about Nirvana's Kurt Cobain and the growth of alternative rock music.’
    • ‘In Russia, thinking of democracy as a sham may be understandable considering recent events, but it misidentifies the problem.’
    • ‘An earlier version of this column misidentified the state that is considering legislation as South Carolina, not North Carolina.’
    • ‘As a result, stranded animals are frequently misidentified and those seen at sea are often identifiable only to the level of family or genus.’
    • ‘Some soldiers got to a location and misidentified it and it was reported according to their initial impression.’
    • ‘If the patient misidentifies the object and later corrects himself, the response is still considered abnormal.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, in criticizing Washington's approach to the issue, he misidentifies the challenge and offers a problematic solution.’
    • ‘This draft contained several significant errors, including misidentifying the airline involved.’
    • ‘The lead pilot flew above and to the left of the low-flying U.S. helicopters and misidentified them as Russian Hind helicopters while trying to avoid flying into a mountain.’
    • ‘I began the day by intentionally misidentifying seals as penguins.’
    • ‘After the Hatfield crash, they issued a report where they managed to misidentify the vehicles involved.’
    • ‘An article last Sunday about China's energy needs misidentified the main greenhouse gas emitted by burning coal.’