Definition of misery memoir in English:

misery memoir


  • An autobiographical work in which the author recounts personal experiences of abuse or other trauma, typically suffered during childhood, and their eventual recovery from such experiences.

    ‘this hunger for reality is demonstrated in the huge popularity of misery memoirs’
    • ‘Forced to confess that his memoir was all lies, he epitomises the misery memoir's problem with truth.’
    • ‘The publisher has done Millar no favours, either, since the book's title and cover photograph suggest a misery memoir.’
    • ‘A few years ago she wrote a sort of prototype misery memoir, about how her father was 'twisted' and cruel, 'an emotional and social sadist' whose sexually inappropriate behaviour 'revolted' her.’
    • ‘From mummy lit to the misery memoir, the cut-price paperbacks that litter bookshop shelves today are replete with discussions about bad things happening and how the author feels about them.’
    • ‘Scanning the supermarket shelves that heave with misery memoirs, each detailing abuses and degradations more hideously imaginative than the last, I can only marvel at so many terrible childhoods.’
    • ‘And these 'misery memoirs' as they've come to be known - tales of childhood suffering, of abusing oneself or being abused by others - really do sell like hotcakes.’
    • ‘Pack, a former head of buying for the company, said their book would probably fall into the category of "misery memoir" or "inspirational biography".’
    • ‘Everyone now uses the language of victimhood to seek public authority, from victims of train crashes to authors of misery memoirs.’
    • ‘The misery memoir is essentially about adults blaming their life's problems on their parents and on their childhood experiences.’
    • ‘Forster loathes the "misery memoir" genre.’
    • ‘This morning on The Book Show we're looking at the rise of the 'misery memoir'.’
    • ‘This kind of misery memoir is an acquired taste.’
    • ‘The misery memoir has become the 'sexy' genre of the new century, but how much of what we're being told happened to the authors is made up or exaggerated?’
    • ‘There's certainly been an upsurge in interest in what you're calling 'misery memoirs', basically stories about people who've had terrible lives.’
    • ‘As with many misery memoirs, the facts in some of the horror stories she tells are disputed.’
    • ‘At this rate, it can't be long before they unveil their first tranche of misery memoirs.’