Definition of miserliness in English:



mass noun
  • 1Excessive desire to save money; extreme meanness.

    ‘the party earned a damaging reputation for miserliness by cutting pensions’
    • ‘He never has sudden moods of miserliness.’
    • ‘Given the widespread existence of such demeaning conditions and the dominant corporate miserliness, why don't the wretched of this low-wage world revolt?’
    • ‘Around him in his lifetime grew legends of wealth, miserliness, misogyny, and efficiency, some of which had a basis in truth.’
    • ‘The party also earned a damaging reputation for miserliness by cutting pensions and salaries and fostering economic alarmism.’
    • ‘To combat miserliness, for example, you would train yourself to practice generosity for only a day or a week at a time.’
    • ‘A large, expensive fridge in a wealthy home will be excused smoked salmon and costly cheeses, but if no small luxuries are evident is it a case of miserliness?’
    • ‘The presence of a collector at the church-gate annoys them because it's another reminder of their miserliness.’
    • ‘It is the very depth of his miserliness which draws us all, young and old, into the story.’
    • ‘Like Gertrude, whose behaviour provides too insubstantial a cause for Hamlet's disgust, Cherie's impecunious mother makes an inadequate pretext for her affluent daughter's lifelong miserliness and greed.’
    • ‘The government's miserliness was quickly exposed by donations from ordinary citizens.’
    • ‘Continually, when you see others, Delight in giving without miserliness.’
    • ‘And of course, as humans we could experience the same torment, because of our own patterns of greed and miserliness.’
    • ‘Therefore, you should not worry that he will be held accountable for miserliness or whatever.’
    • ‘Miserliness and wastefulness are equally deplored in Buddhism as two degenerate extremes.’
    • ‘This combination of cynicism and miserliness does not augur well for the success of the programme.’
    • ‘What explains this institutional miserliness at the very top of Britain's wealth tree?’
    • ‘However, Pat does not recognize how similar she is to her father and persists in blaming the failure of the relationship to sustain her on his coldness, and miserliness.’
    • ‘As a planet, we need to re-valuate the consumerist view that "more is better," and how that view creates miserliness, jealousy, and inequality.’
    • ‘The result is ongoing competition and conflict and the valorization of generosity and condemnation of miserliness and envy.’
    • ‘He was known for his extreme miserliness.’
    avarice, acquisitiveness, parsimony, parsimoniousness, penny-pinching, cheese-paring, thrift
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    1. 1.1 The quality of being small or inadequate; meagreness.
      ‘the relative miserliness of the prizes involved’
      • ‘However, because of the relative miserliness of the prizes involved in those days, the American quiz show scandals pale into insignificance next to this one.’