Definition of miserableness in English:



  • See miserable

    • ‘His face twisted into a mix of nervousness and miserableness and he finally walked over and sat down, leaning against the bed.’
    • ‘The way the English deal with their current law - and how they enforce closing time by bellowing at poor drinkers - smacks of a mean streak of miserableness.’
    • ‘But in an incredible marketing feat the Scottish Tourist Board and Scottish Screen are now advertising the sheer miserableness of Scotland in a bid to attract film crews and tourists.’
    • ‘Why did Aunt Debbie have to ruin my complete miserableness and make everyone notice me?’
    • ‘It's absurd things like that that balance the movie off its pain-film miserableness; this is a really funny movie, despite the constant stream of tragedy, loss, degradation and soul-shattering identity crisis its characters undergo.’