Definition of misemploy in English:



  • Employ or use (something) wrongly or improperly.

    ‘you misemploy the term ‘celibate’’
    • ‘This is a much abused term, often misemployed to refer to any very wet piece of ground.’
    • ‘We will focus on the relationship between all the terms we hear, which are usually misemployed.’
    • ‘The proclamation complained that tobacco tended to corrupt men's bodies and manners, and that to cultivate tobacco was ‘to abuse and misemploy the soil of this fruitful kingdom’.’
    • ‘Menon played around with the air-force by importing different types of aircraft, misemploying air force personnel.’
    • ‘To put the point concretely, I see no reason to suppose that the existing system seriously misemploys the factors of production which are in use.’
    • ‘True, deficiencies will always reflect on the person misemploying language but as long as a message has been transported communication took place.’
    • ‘At present, Canada possesses an aging fleet of C - 130 Hercules tactical transports and five converted Airbuses, which we often misemploy as strategic load carriers.’
    • ‘They learn lessons from the experiences of misemploying, miscalculating, mispurchasing and mismanaging.’
    • ‘Indirectly, and of more damage to the environment, there are also misemployed resources - people doing damaging things simply for the money.’
    • ‘Moreover, the compactness of the device's dimensions drove the propellant reaction to complete outside of the rocket, misemploying energy.’
    • ‘While most IT decision makers are aware security concerns exist, they often misunderstand the nuances of wireless security and consequently misemploy security measures in their wireless networks.’
    • ‘Further, in misemploying their talent in this manner he has by necessity misemployed the whole of their beings.’
    • ‘So many circumstances unite in rendering the present state of it distressful to us that you will not think any deliberations misemployed which may lead to its relief and protection.’
    • ‘That said, we might still be misemploying the term indie by applying it to Hidden Theatre.’
    • ‘And while misemploying the police in its repressive measures, the crime rates for Malaysia have been allowed to go through the roof.’
    • ‘A sinful state is a spending state: wilful sinners misemploy their thoughts and the powers of their souls, mispend their time and all their opportunities.’
    betray, sacrifice, profane, sell, sell out, debase, degrade, demean, devalue, cheapen, lower, misapply, misuse, pervert, squander, waste
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