Definition of misdial in English:



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  • Dial a telephone number incorrectly.

    ‘callers sometimes misdial and think they've got through to the garage’
    • ‘See, I'd misdialed the field manager's number and got a guy in Fargo.’
    • ‘I'll need to ring the supply company because either they've issued the number twice or it might just be a similar number that people are misdialling.’
    • ‘The 911 operator was profoundly grateful that I stayed on the line and explained that I'd misdialed, so she didn't have to send a cop to our house for nothing.’
    • ‘She said she thought she was going to die and tried to call her husband, but in her panic she misdialled.’
    • ‘But because of his poor sight and their panic, they misdialled.’


  • An act of dialling a telephone number incorrectly.

    ‘BT said the number of misdials was lower than expected’
    • ‘If it really was a misdial, they weren't really rude.’
    • ‘Well, that morning after my misdial my phone rang.’
    • ‘I then piped up admitting my misdial.. the mistake was established and we apologized profusely.’