Definition of misdelivery in English:



mass noun
  • Delivery to the wrong person or at the wrong time.

    ‘liability of the carrier in respect of loss or misdelivery of the goods’
    • ‘It causes misdeliveries by private couriers, difficulties in registering with doctors, credit problems and postal problems, as there are many confusions with similar named roads in both areas, especially in Waddon.’
    • ‘The submission that was made below was that that means damage or loss occasioned by reason of the misplacement or misdelivery of exhibits, not direct damage to the exhibits.’
    • ‘TNT points out that misdeliveries by carriers could cause excessive returns but there is no evidence that this was an increased problem after the MDC opened.’
    • ‘I realise there can be no excuse for the misdelivery of mail which is clearly and correctly addressed and I would like to apologise for the concern you have been caused.’
    • ‘The only way in which the charterers could sustain liability for a misdelivery of the cargo would be on the basis that they had misdelivered the cargo through the agency of the owners.’