Definition of misdeclaration in English:



  • An incorrect declaration, especially in an official context.

    ‘the misdeclaration penalty is directed at the trader whose VAT return contains significant inaccuracies’
    count noun ‘interest charged on misdeclarations’
    • ‘The Government has lashed out at trade and industry for adopting faulty accounting practices and indulging in misdeclarations to hoodwink the tax authorities.’
    • ‘The department stumbled upon information pointing to such possibilities while probing into a case of misdeclaration of scrap import cargo.’
    • ‘A penalty of 15% is charged for serious or persistent misdeclarations.’
    • ‘Besides undervaluing their goods, technical smugglers resort to misdeclaration and misclassification of the products they bring in.’
    • ‘The director said the authorities would continue to enforce rules on the origin and misdeclaration of goods.’
    • ‘All evidence of misdescription or misdeclaration of commodities tendered shall be referred to the appropriate regulatory agencies for review.’
    • ‘Getting banned materials to Iraq, investigators say, required a complex scheme involving customs misdeclarations and the diversion of shipments through other Middle Eastern countries.’
    • ‘Participants recommended that the misdeclaration be considered as a criterion for secured storage only if the misdeclared information is material.’
    • ‘Please notify this office of any instance of misdeclaration or substitution discovered during accomplishment of the seizure.’
    • ‘Even in the Appeal the charge of misdeclaration was sustained.’
    • ‘It focuses on technical smuggling-which involves the misdeclaration, undervaluation, misclassification of goods, and other kinds of importation fraud.’
    • ‘It is the Pakistan Election Commission that can take cognizance of a misdeclaration if it has been committed, he said.’
    • ‘Cases of such misdeclarations and misstatement by the medical teachers have been placed for consideration.’
    • ‘A few others were not resorting to misdeclaration per se, but were importing non-edible grade oils and then processing it further for human consumption.’
    • ‘The consignment was sized not only for misdeclaration but also for import without a valid licence.’
    • ‘He was of the view that the major problem confronting the customs was under-valuation and misdeclaration.’
    • ‘Due to the possibility of misdeclarations, it is necessary to validate a selected number of declarations by audit to confirm compliance.’
    • ‘At the same time, rogue elements have attempted to rob the economy of our region of legitimate revenue through misdeclarations to Customs and Excise.’
    • ‘This penalty can be applied by Customs where there is a history of misdeclarations being made by the business.’
    • ‘The commissioner noted that the team in their operations would examine cases of concealment, total misdeclaration, and misrepresentation, under valuation, blank and falsified invoices, false acquittals and transit among others.’